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A documentary film
synopsis & trailer

The Albedo story

“Five hundred nautical miles from the North Pole, a scientific expedition is caught in the grip of the ice it has come to study.”

Three red kayaks, tiny specks in an austere wilderness, the team is in shock, its way forward blocked by a crumpled and pulverized wreckage of floes. Conditions are unrecognizable, no research can be done. With the Arctic Ocean collapsing all around them, they must escape the chaos by traversing Nares Strait, the most formidable passage of the polar North.

Across the Arctic, a white, frozen ocean is giving way to dark, ice-free seas, and more of the sun’s energy is getting absorbed instead of being reflected back out to space. The Enduring Ice team understands this well. Like war zone journalists, they are embedded into the front lines of Arctic Ocean change. Their mission: to explore the essential role of sea ice in balancing our planet’s climate.