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Where Is All the Marine Wildlife?

By July 18, 2017Uncategorized

We are seeing bird life that is much reduced compared to what Steve has seen here on previous expeditions. And we haven’t seen any marine mammals since leaving the south side of Lady Franklin Bay. Last time Steve was here he was seeing thousands of Harp Seals. We haven’t seen any. Why is that? We have a theory. And that theory is that the same ice conditions that are making it really difficult for us to travel in the Strait are making it really difficult for both marine mammals and birds to forage for food. Stretched out to the horizon, the ocean is covered with a mumble jumble of ice, lots of small floes all smushed up together, with almost no ocean showing underneath. Where could a seal come up for air? And how about a Narwhal with its unicorn tusk? And there is no open water for birds to go fishing in.

All of this is conjecture, but what we are seeing is new. Is the Arctic Ocean falling apart?