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What is a Day?

By July 17, 2017Uncategorized

“It must be Monday,” Steve mumbles as he drifts off for what might be a nap, or might be something more. “Think so…”

A few days ago, or better said, a few circles of the sun ago, we faced up to the awkward situation that we no longer knew what to call day and what to call night. Are new days ushered in by breakfast? Or do they commence after eight hours of sleep? Does one start a day with work, and end it relaxing with a cup of tea? We had gotten ourselves into a rhythm of sleeping anytime we could, eating meals in the order of breakfast, followed by lunch and then dinner, and dragging our kayaks around during the “night” high tide, and it was adding up to feeling wrong. Especially since the tide cycle is a full 25 hours, and our tired bodies want something more like a 20 hour cycle. In this icy Arctic environment, the lure of a warm sleeping bag is irresistible.

Reversing AM for PM has helped, sort of. The evening light is magical. And having a bridge meal of grilled cheese fixed the meal issue. But a new bridge meal is in order, because we are off again. Pancakes maybe? What I am hoping is that we are not eating more than three meals every 24 hours, Because if we are, we are going to be really bummed out and hungry the last few days of this journey.

Watching the sun circle around the horizon is mesmerizing. And when we can see it, we are warm enough. But on those cloudy days, or when the sun is hidden behind a mountain, it is cold, and despite the beauty all around us, it is hard to leave our “cozy” tents.